Best Small Scale Business Ideas in India in 2019 | Marriage Bureau

By | March 13, 2019

Best Small Scale Business Ideas in India in 2019 | Marriage Bureau

Small scale businesses are those ones that you can start from your home with a limited budget and shorter team. Although, you should start the business according to your skill set you can choose one of these for consideration.


Babysitting is tough but one of the most profitable business nowadays. You just have to hire some great staff that will be able to provide all-around services of baby care. Nowadays most of the couples are working parents and they hire someone to take care of their baby so this business is growing exponentially.

Hobby Centre

This would be the most profitable if you run this business efficiently. People love to join hobby classes with niches like dance, music, craft or drama. You just have to hire some enthusiast professionals who can add their passion to teach their clients. Choose a place and decorate that with different ideas to attract people.

Marriage Bureau

Every person depends on marriage bureaus to find their soul mate. To start this one of the most profitable business you have to be soft-spoken and holding a good knowledge of families that are living in your area. Collect the data of grooms and brides that are searching for their partner and arrange the meeting after a perfect match.

Food Supply

To run this business successfully you will need only one thing the tasty food. So hire a good cook and supply the food to needy people of your area. You can customize the menu of your food according to the client’s need.

Coaching Class

Education is the most profitable business undoubtedly as we all need a good education for our children. And if you are good at teaching you can earn well through this business. Also, you can expand this by hiring the teachers of different subjects but be aware that they should be capable enough to teach well.

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